Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Charlie Foxtrot by Raymond Starmann

Charlie Foxtrot by Raymond Starmann
This is one of Ray's first books and is another terrific read.  Charlie Foxtrot is a full novel, not a short story and is available on both Kindle and print. 

My review of the book:
This is a great read. Extremely funny and entertaining, it also has its poignant moments that warm your heart. I've read this book twice and it was just as good, if not better, the second time around. I would also love to see this book get picked up by a publisher and get widespread attention.

Book description:
CHARLIE FOXTROT - a novel about the Cold War, the Gulf War and the stupidity of war. CHARLIE FOXTROT is the story of First Lieutenant Bryce Bennett, an army intelligence officer assigned to the 74th Cavalry Squadron in West Germany, during the final days of the Cold War. Bennett is the straight man, who through the looking glass, must interact with characters so bizarre, that only the army could manufacture them. Bennett feels that he is living in a camouflaged insane asylum. He must survive patrols across the East German border and sub-zero field exercises. He is forced to participate in absurd army intelligence investigations and is an eyewitness to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Just when Bennett thought he was going home, his unit is accidentally deployed to the Persian Gulf War. While there, things seem to spin completely out of control...

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